Dental-to-Overall Health Connection

Most health issues begin with the mouth. It is the gateway to overall health (or sickness) by way of the food and air passing through, the bacteria growing in and even the words flowing out from the mouth determine the degree of overall systemic health. This concept of Mouth-To-Body Health Connection is very obvious (because it’s right under the nose) and very simple but maybe not so easy.

Overall health boils down to diet and lifestyle. We can help! Go ahead! Challenge me!


Heart Disease

Discover the connection between heart disease and your oral health. While taking care of your teeth hasn’t been proven to prevent heart disease. Studies have shown a connection.


Gum disease is the most common dental disease affecting those living with diabetes, affecting nearly 22% of those diagnosed. People with diabetes are at a higher risk for gum problems because of poor blood sugar control. Learn more about diabetes and oral care.


Systemic Health

Your mouth is the intersection of dentistry and medicine, semi-independent professions that share the same common goal of improving the health and quality of life of patients. It has been estimated that more than 100 systemic diseases and upward of 500 medications have oral manifestations, which are typically more prevalent in the older population. 

Our Dental Hygienists…

care deeply about your quality of life and your health. They understand the whole body connection between the mouth and other diseases. They check for:

  • Gum Disease
  • Oral Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Eating Disorders

And you thought you were just getting your teeth cleaned. There is so much of your body that your mouth (or the germs in it) affect, and we work to help you live well.




Systemic Health

Bacteria from your mouth travel all over your body, impacting your overall health. There are demonstrated links between gum disease and tooth loss to an increased risk of Alzhiemer’s disease, as well as head, neck, pancreatic, and kidney cancer. Blood vessel disease, heart attacks and strokes demonstrate greater risk as well. 



Studies have demonstrated that connecting to Earth’s natural energy can greatly improve your health and well-being. Stress, sleep issues, and even pain reduction have all been demonstrated with the process of earthing.


Brain Health & Disease

There are over 1000 types of bacteria in dental plaque and travel throughout the body. The spirochetes form plaque, and when they reach the brain they create tangles and fiberlike lesions. As their number increases the effects become more severe because  spirochetes escape the bodies immune system. This leads to chronic infection and sustained inflammation, which causes Alzheimers.


Diabetes Health & Disease

Diabetics have a higher inflammatory risk due to decreased immune cell function. Additionally, the infections has a 6-fold worsening of sugar control, meaning your body has a harder time regulating your blood sugar. 


Cardiovascular Disease & the Mouth

Bacteria in gum disease causes systemic inflammation to blood vessels damaging the blood vessel lining and leading to many problems within the circulatory system. High blood pressue, heart attack and stroke are all caused by inflamed, and damaged blood vessels.


Microbiome Health

Plaque forms an oral biofilm that can be swallowed,  and travel throughout the body. Studies show that show that biofilm growth increase psychological stress. The biofilm also impacts a variety of microbes that your body needs to maintain your health. As these microbes are overwhelmed with microbes from oral biofilm your risks of a myriad of diseases increases.


Respiratory Health & Disease

Your respiratory health is equally as important as the mouth. It’s all connected, and there are many bacteria in the respiratory system that aids in your well-being. 


Pregnancy & Disease

Bacteria in gum disease travels from the mother’s mouth to the uterus and crosses the placental barrier. This infection causes inflammation in the developing fetus and can lead to pre-term birth and low birth weight or even stillbirths or miscarriages. 

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