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Smile Analysis

Kissable Smile

  Wouldn’t you like to have a kissable smile? A smile so sweet and clean that passersby think, “I’d love to kiss that smile.” Dr. William S. Neale, a dentist in Wichita Falls, endeavors to give you that smile. What Causes a Lost Smile? Poor dental health usually causes the...
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Dentist Wichita Falls

What Happens During a Periodontal Exam?

Sounds like pretty scary stuff. It can be if periodontitis gets out of hand. A result of poor oral practices, periodontitis is the last stage of tooth, gum, and bone disease that occurs if gingivitis gets out of hand. We all know about gingivitis, which is the build-up of tartar...
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What is the Doctor Doing to Me?

  Trepidation, intimidation, and downright fear are some of the emotions that sometimes go through my mind when I think about dentists. I had been going to one dentist for a number of years until I read about Dr. William S. Neale, Wichita Falls, Texas. He is considered a leader...
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Pyorrhoea Connected to Arthritis!!!

I read pyorrhoea and a connection to arthritis, and I do not know about you, but my head starts to swim. First, what is pyorrhoea, and second, how could pyorrhoea be connected to arthritis? There must be a connection somewhere, so let’s investigate this together. What is Pyorrhoea? I just...
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How Does Cell Wall Deficiency Affect Your Life?

What is Cell Wall Deficiency? Cell Wall Deficiency is the growth of particular bacteria with no cell walls. Normally to grow and survive, cells require a cell wall, but somehow, some bacteria can survive and multiply without the basic structures of normal, healthy cells. Cell Wall Deficiency shows up in...
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Old Man

Getting Old Isn’t for Sissy’s

Getting Old Isn’t for Sissy’s Fear Itself For many, it is fear itself that stops us from looking after our health, therefore, I wish to relate a story. My father made it through six years of WW II, surviving through a living hell. He never shunned his responsibilities and was...
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Before Oral Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease

The Dreaded Disease Many of us think little about proper dental hygiene which includes brushing and flossing regularly. Statistics show that 24% of the population of the United States are setting themselves up for the dreaded Periodontal Disease by not looking after their teeth, their gums, and the rest of...
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Chair-side Microscope Exam

Chair Side Microscope Exam The first use of glass for magnification to help identify small objects occurred in about the 13th Century. Later, in the 1590’s, the first simple microscope showed up. That invention was overshadowed by the development of the compound microscope in the 1700’s. The compound microscope made...
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Old Lady

One Cool Secret to Living Longer?

One Cool Secret to Living Longer? So, you want to live longer? Everyone wants to live longer, but what is the one cool secret for living longer? We spend considerable time and effort looking for the wonder drug, that rejuvenation cream, and putting all sorts of things into our bodies...
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