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Helpful Weight Loss Tips

The holiday season is almost upon us. For many of us, the battle of the bulge is an extra challenge. Trying to eliminate or avoid certain foods is difficult. Seasonal food favorites with table sugar and wheat (flour) products are prevalent in this bountiful festive season. Simply eliminating these food...
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The Worst Dental Habits

Around every corner, we see warning signs and take caution.  However, when it comes to warning signs our body gives us, we tend to ignore them.  Teeth are no exception.  We tend to ignore bad breath, bleeding gums, and loss of teeth.  Most of the population suffers from some form...
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Your Children and Dental Care

What do you do to prepare your children for their first dental visit?  I remember my first dental visit.  The cables, the spotless equipment, and the whirring noises fascinated me.  My parents had told me about the exciting adventure of my first visit.  I went in with a sense of...
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Crowbars and Teeth Don’t Mix

Thousands of preventable accidents occur at home.  “Do It Yourself” projects usually cause these accidents.  Homeowners, even when they know what they’re doing, usually lack the tools and knowledge of specialists. An Example When an accident occurs in a home, many connected actions lead to it.  The stars align just...
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Choosing the Best Dentist

Have you ever wondered if your dentist is just working his job? How can you tell whether or not your dentist really cares about your oral health and teeth? We all remember those experiences where a salesperson, receptionist, or server appears to be “going through the motions.” They usually have...
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The Options of Teeth Whitening

A sparkling smile consists of bright, shiny, white teeth.  We constantly battle trying to keep them clean and shiny.  The question every person should ask, however, is:  Should you whiten your teeth? As we age, we naturally lose the bright white smile of youth.  Over time, foods and drinks like...
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Your New Dentist and First Appointment

We all hear brush and floss your teeth to maintain a healthy mouth.  Equally as important is scheduling a dental appointment.  However, if you haven’t found a dentist, what do you do?  Dr. William S. Neale discusses the important points to consider when seeking a dentist.  His suggestions offer you...
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Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists have worked hard to become a respected and professional part of the dental team.  Following a number of years of study, they work alongside other dental professionals, delivering dental health care. Some History Beginning in the 1880’s, dental nurses provided treatments to improve oral health.  The dental nurse...
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When Your Child Fears the Dentist

Nearly everyone experiences a bit of trauma when visiting a dentist, especially children.    Not many people actually look forward to dental treatments and most experience emotions ranging from anxiety to extreme fear.  Talk to your child about the upcoming visit to alleviate the child’s fears.  Also, if you help your...
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Waterpik, Wave of the Future?

Can a Waterpik help you keep your kissable smile?  50% of the population never flosses and have never heard of a Waterpik.  The number of people diagnosed with periodontal disease proves that point. Flossing Many dentists and periodontists agree that teeth should be flossed at least once per day.  Flossing...
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