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The holiday season is almost upon us. For many of us, the battle of the bulge is an extra challenge. Trying to eliminate or avoid certain foods is difficult. Seasonal food favorites with table sugar and wheat (flour) products are prevalent in this bountiful festive season. Simply eliminating these food types could be next to impossible; too many family dinners, holiday parties, snack trays, and goodies.

To help fight the battle of the bulge, here is a weight loss tip you can use to keep the pounds off.

Follow this weight loss tip to help this season. The beauty of this tip is once your belly feels full, you can not excessively indulge. Along with the fullness feeling, your slightly accelerated blood pressure with your body processing nutrients will create a pleasant, satisfied feeling.

Here is how it works. Before every meal, you should drink this homemade fruit and vegetable concentrated juice cocktail.


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  • Fill a large glass half-full with low sodium fruit and vegetable concentrate juice, such as V8 Vegetable Juice, or with water.
  • Add one heaping teaspoon of psyllium power.
  • Fill to the brim with water.
  • Stir well.
  • Drink all.

(Please note that you should drink this cocktail two hours before and two hours after taking prescription medication and/or vitamin supplements.)