The Worst Dental Habits

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Around every corner, we see warning signs and take caution.  However, when it comes to warning signs our body gives us, we tend to ignore them.  Teeth are no exception.  We tend to ignore bad breath, bleeding gums, and loss of teeth.  Most of the population suffers from some form of dental problem.  Here are some of the most harmful habits we form involving our dental health.

Improper or No Brushing

Many people choose to ignore their dentist’s advice about brushing at least twice daily.  When you don’t clean your teeth properly, the first warning sign is bad breath caused by bacteria growing from the remnants of food in your mouth.

These bacteria introduce gingivitis, the first sign of periodontal disease.  This disease spreads throughout your body, causing medical issues also.  In the end, you lose your teeth and your health.

Drink Harmful Liquids

Consuming too much coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, sports drinks causes tooth issues.  Eliminating all of them takes a special person indeed.  Therefore, help your teeth and your body by consuming these drinks in moderation.

Two drinks may be consumed without harmful effects.  However, they should be moderated also.  Water, which contains no sugars or sweeteners leads to a healthier, happier you.  Milk does your body good with high calcium, protein, and phosphorous content.

Tool Teeth

Many people attempt to remove bottle caps with their teeth.  Some use their teeth to pry objects or squeeze openings down.  This action could result in broken teeth or a complete loss of teeth, not to mention cuts on your gums or lips.

Grinding Teeth

If you awaken with a headache or sore teeth, you may be grinding your teeth as you sleep.  Grinding wears teeth down and lead to significant damage.  Tooth guards help.

Sticky Foods

Sticky treats adhere to teeth causing extended exposure to sugar, leading to acid build up.  Either stop eating those sticky treats or properly clean your teeth.

Lack of Maintenance

Regular dental visits keep your mouth and body healthy.  Every six months, schedule a cleaning and exam.  Brush your teeth properly at least two times per day. Limit sweets and drinks containing acids for a healthy, beautiful smile.

The Worst Dental Habits

If you have the worst dental habits, call Dr. William S. Neale, a licensed dentist in Wichita Falls.  Dr. Neale treats your dental problems and educates you into a healthier way of life.  He literally gives you back your kissable smile through regular visits, proper dental care, dental implants, and other treatments.

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