Your Children and Dental Care

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What do you do to prepare your children for their first dental visit?  I remember my first dental visit.  The cables, the spotless equipment, and the whirring noises fascinated me.  My parents had told me about the exciting adventure of my first visit.  I went in with a sense of excitement rather than fear of the dental visit.

Children and Dental Care

A great place to initiate your child’s life-long journey of tooth care begins at home.  Around age two, take your little one to the store to pick out their very own toothbrush.  Consider buying a child-friendly toothpaste.  Let your child choose their own toothpaste based on their favorite cartoon character or flavor.

At home, spend time helping your child brush their teeth properly, creating a healthy routine.  Proper brushing then becomes automatic, like buckling up in the car before you head out.  Making tooth brushing enjoyable at home sets the stage for a pleasant experience at the dentist’s office.

A Delightful Experience

Children know a trip to park means loads of fun.  After all, no one goes to the park for a bad time or with a sense of anxiety.  Therefore, prepare your children for a visit to the dentist, a trip to the park!

The Right Dentist

When seeking a babysitter or daycare, parents research and ask plenty of questions.  Do the same when selecting a dentist for your children.  Visit the dentist’s office and ask staff questions about their treatment of younger patients.  Make sure the dentist is caring whether the appointment is for a checkup, cleaning, or cavity filling.

Take your children to a dentist who loves creating a positive and nurturing experience for youngsters.  Find a dentist who makes sure children’s visits are pleasant, therefore building trust and positive feelings with each visit. Your child deserves exceptional care.

Dr. William S. Neale

Dr. William S. Neale, a certified periodontist in Wichita Falls, Texas, maintains a goal of smiling patients.  He and his professional staff have a passion for proper dental care for patients of all ages.  Dr. Neale and his staff make every patient’s visit a comfortable, pleasant experience, whether checkup, cleaning, filling, or dental implants.

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