Crowbars and Teeth Don’t Mix

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Thousands of preventable accidents occur at home.  “Do It Yourself” projects usually cause these accidents.  Homeowners, even when they know what they’re doing, usually lack the tools and knowledge of specialists.

An Example

When an accident occurs in a home, many connected actions lead to it.  The stars align just right to cause a disaster.  It all began with a plumbing problem.  Who needs a qualified plumber to hook together some pipes?  Right? It happened this way:

  1. The homeowner decided to do his own plumbing, after which the family went on vacation. However, they forgot to turn the water off during their absence.
  2. A massive wind storm shook the house to the point that the new pipes shifted a little. The leak was minute, but continued more than a week.
  3. The homeowner never renewed the home insurance policy. Who needs house insurance?
  4. When the homeowner returned home to a wet mess, he decided to fix it himself. The money one can save by doing it themselves is a strong incentive.

The Accident

Pulling tools and an old step ladder out of the garage, the homeowner attacked the damage.  The step ladder had served the owner well for many years, but this project would be its last. The ladder shook as our DIY expert climbed it.  It had been shaking that way a long time, but always stood true.  Little did the homeowner know that using a crowbar would make a difference.

Attacking the wall, the DIY expert struck with gusto and pulled back hard.  The ladder gave way and fell in the opposite direction.  On the way down, the crowbar attacked the homeowner’s face.

The downward motion and force of the crowbar caught the homeowner force fully on the jaw. Pain was the last thing he remembered until some family members arrived.

Damage Done

His mouth and teeth had taken the full force of the blow.  Now, two teeth were missing and one was broken.  The family called their favorite, specialty dentist in Wichita Falls, Texas, Dr. William S. Neale, a licensed periodontist.  The homeowner decided dental implants fit his lifestyle best.  Dr. Neale placed a crown on the broken tooth, also.  Then the homeowner promised to buy a new ladder and call in a specialist for home repairs.

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