Your New Dentist and First Appointment

Make An Appointment

We all hear brush and floss your teeth to maintain a healthy mouth.  Equally as important is scheduling a dental appointment.  However, if you haven’t found a dentist, what do you do?  Dr. William S. Neale discusses the important points to consider when seeking a dentist.  His suggestions offer you the opportunity for a positive visit with your dental professional.

Finding a Dentist

When searching for a new dentist, the first consideration should be the age of the patient.  If an appointment is for a child, select a dentist with an office appealing to a child.  A dental office with an inviting, comfortable environment for children makes the visit a treat for your child.  For an adult, the importance revolves around the personalities and professionalism of the dentist and his staff.

Family and friends always help when choosing a dentist.  Listen to their personal experiences to quickly narrow your search for the right dentist.  The internet, of course, helps make your choices easy, also.


Once you choose a dentist or periodontist and make an appointment, what should you expect?  Since Dr. Neale made the recommendations for choosing a dentist, then his staff was questioned about expectations.

Melissa, Dr. Neale’s receptionist/Dental Assistant, offers some ideas.  The receptionist should make the client feel relaxed and comfortable.  You meet welcoming faces as soon as you walk in the door.  Now, a brief medical history must be collected.

First-time clients provide the necessary information on an admission form.  The dentist uses this information for treatments.  Truthful, correct information ensures that no complications develop due to incompatible medications.

The First Treatment

During the first treatment, your dentist examines your teeth.  X-Rays may be taken to gain an understanding of your gums, teeth, and mouth.  This first visit most likely includes cleaning and sets the stage for future treatments.

In Dr. Neale’s office, one can expect the opportunity for a full range of dental treatments.  This includes thorough examinations and cleaning, fillings and periodontal treatments, and access to dental implants.

Are You Looking for a Dentist?

In Texoma, make an appointment with the dental office of Dr. William S. Neale.  Specializing in periodontal dentistry, Dr. Neale helps patients find their kissable smile. He has provided his services in the Wichita Falls, Texas are more than thirty years.

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