The Options of Teeth Whitening

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A sparkling smile consists of bright, shiny, white teeth.  We constantly battle trying to keep them clean and shiny.  The question every person should ask, however, is:  Should you whiten your teeth?

As we age, we naturally lose the bright white smile of youth.  Over time, foods and drinks like coffee, tea, or wine stain our teeth.  They become dull and yellowed.  That is the time the decision of whether or not to whiten your teeth should be made.

The Options of Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth offers two completely different choices.  You could whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home with one of the many options available off-the-shelf.  Your dentist offers teeth whitening, also.  Which choice is the best choice for you?

Dr. William S. Neale, a licensed periodontist, offers his suggestions.  His passion for helping his clients achieve and maintain a kissable smile makes him an excellent resource.  He says, “There are many treatments on the market that do help you achieve whiter teeth.  However, some of the liquids and gels are just too abrasive.  Also, the results depend upon the current condition of your mouth.”

The Risks

Dr. Neale recommends that you discuss whitening your teeth with your dentist, no matter which choice you make. This is especially important if you consider using a bleaching system to whiten your teeth.  He also states that your dentist’s treatment is more gentle to your teeth and gums than any whitener on the market.

Some of the risks of home whitening include damaging roots and increasing gum sensitivity.  Most people don’t read and follow the directions carefully.  They forget these kits include strong and potentially dangerous chemicals.

At your dentist’s office, a good cleaning usually removes most surface stains. Besides cleaning, your dentist helps you with overall oral health.  Before risking whitening at home, please ask your oral health specialist.  A good cleaning may give you the bright white smile you seek.

Dr. Neale

Dr. Neale, a specialty dentist in Wichita Falls, Texas, invites you to get your teeth checked.  Practicing his unique brand of dentistry, Dr. Neale helps his patients regain their bright, white, kissable smile.

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