Waterpik, Wave of the Future?

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Can a Waterpik help you keep your kissable smile?  50% of the population never flosses and have never heard of a Waterpik.  The number of people diagnosed with periodontal disease proves that point.


Many dentists and periodontists agree that teeth should be flossed at least once per day.  Flossing reduces the risk of serious diseases which begin with your gums and expand to the rest of your body.  Most people consider flossing a gross, time-consuming job.  Many struggle with flossing thirty-two times between tightly spaced teeth.  However, does an alternative to flossing exist?


An alternative exists using water pressure to “floss” between teeth.  We call it “Waterpik”, and it’s easy to use and gentle on the user.  It works like a mini fire hose in your mouth.  The water pressure flushes out food particles from between your teeth.

The Difference Between Waterpik and Floss

Dr. William S. Neale, a licensed periodontist in Wichita Falls, Texas insists that nothing works as well as flossing.  However, a Waterpik certainly makes a healthy alternative.  According to Dr. Neale, Waterpik works great in the following situations:

  • Sensitive or bleeding gums.  Directing a stream of slightly pressurized water at your gums gives your gums a gentle massage.  In so doing, this first sign of gum disease may possibly clear up.  However, always ask your dentist before using a Waterpik as an alternative to flossing.
  • Braces.  Food tends to get stuck in braces.  A Waterpik works well to remove annoying food particles and chunks from your braces.
  • Dry mouth.  If your mouth doesn’t produce sufficient saliva, then you have a condition called dry mouth.  Saliva continuously cleans your teeth and mouth, preventing plaque buildup.  Using a Waterpik helps reduce the impact of insufficient saliva in your mouth.
  • Food particles between teeth.  Many people have very tight spaces between their teeth, usually caused by genetics.  Using a Waterpik helps people with crowded teeth clean between them more easily.

Most dentists and periodontist prefer their patients to floss.  However, Dr. Neale says, “I would rather encourage people to use a water-flossing for cleaning between their teeth than nothing.”

Dr. William S. Neale

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